8 Tips On How To Pack Your Cargo Box

8 Tips On How To Pack Your Cargo Box

When you’re traveling by car, whether it’s off on a family vacation or heading to a brand new town to live, you’ll want to make the most of the space you have and learn how to use your car roof storage. Knowing how to carry luggage on top of car is a simple matter of using a quality cargo box, and with this one simple item you’ll be able to carry a whole lot more without any extra effort.

A cargo box is capable of holding quite a lot, but the setup and packing stage is where most people get it wrong. Knowing how to pack a roof rack and where and what to put in your cargo box is key to the success of your trip, and these handy little devices are exactly what roof racks were made to do.

Thankfully, we’ve come up with some tips that will show you how to use a luggage rack and cargo box to your advantage with some clever planning and packing. With these tips, you’ll use the most of your space, do it safely, and ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth from your efficient cargo box.

#8: Consider Storing Bags

Clothes In Suitcase

One approach that some people take is packing suitcases with light items and then putting these into the cargo boxes, strategically placed. This prevents smaller items from moving around or flying out when you open the box once you’ve finally stopped and will make it easier for everyone to find their own gear.

#7: Prepare For All Kinds Of Weather

Regardless of how long you’re planning to travel for or what the usual climate is, you need to be prepared for all kinds of weather. Your cargo box will sit on top of the car and will be directly affected by things like rain and wind, so you need a backup option to keep it protected.

You might want to invest in a waterproof cover so that your belongings and cargo box don’t get drenched, even if you think there’s no chance you’ll need it.

#6: Know The Weight Limit

Cargo boxes will always come with a weight limit recommendation, and this isn’t there just as a suggestion. The weight limit is what the box can safely store so knowing how to use a roof rack and cargo box is a matter of following their weight capacities and ensuring you don’t go over it.

Just a little bit of overpacking could be enough to send the whole thing toppling over, which you don’t want happening as you’re driving down the freeway.

#5: Pack According To Use

Car Armrest Storage

If you have plans to use some of the gear inside your cargo box while you’re driving, you’ll need to according to this. The best approach is to have the gear you’ll need inside the car for easy access, but sometimes it might not work out this way. Keep whatever you’ll need on packed at the top of the cargo box so you can easily open it and get this out without disturbing the rest of your belongings.

#4: Even Things Out

Weight is everything when it comes to cargo boxes, but not just the total amount. What’s even more important than checking your weight limits are met is how you’ve packed the belongings inside and whether they’ve been distributed evenly. Always spread the load around and put anything heavy on the top, with lighter items on the bottom.

#3: Go Light Up Top

A cargo box is a great way to store extra stuff, but it’s not really ideal for your heavier items. Take a look at everything you’re carrying and try to store the lighter items up top in the cargo box. This could include clothing and other general accessories while leaving heavier things like sporting gear or large boxes to be stored inside the car.

#2: Don’t Take Risks

Driving with a cargo box isn’t recommended for people who don’t like to follow rules, as you’ll likely end up losing the whole thing. If you feel like the load is feeling too heavy, it’s unstable, or the weight distribution is off, take the cargo box off the roof and start again. It’s worth a bit of extra effort now rather than trying to find all of your belongings scattered over the road.

#1: Remember To Lock It

Cargo Box Locking Mechanism

This one might sound simple enough, but it’s a common theme for people who are rushing to get everything packed and get on the road. All quality cargo boxes will have a locking mechanism that keeps your stuff safe and you need to have this locked in order to benefit from it. Do a check before you leave and designate someone else in the car to be your backup and do another check for confirmation.

A Convenient Way To Travel When Done Right

There’s no doubt that a cargo box is a game changer when you have a lot of stuff to carry, but without planning they can end up being more of a burden than anything. Following these tips and being smart about what you pack and where will ensure you get to take more of your belongings with you and that there’ll be no risk of anything falling out or getting damaged.

Roof racks and cargo boxes allow you to optimize your car’s space and can save you thousands in freight or removalist costs, so they’re certainly worth considering. Just as there’s a method to the madness of packing a suitcase for a vacation, so too is there a method for cargo boxes, and when you follow it you’ll ensure the very best use of this handy accessory.

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